BaitBling emits brilliant flashes of color which fish see at much greater distances, exponentially increasing your catch

Founder of Hal-Daddy Fishing

Hi, my name is Duane Halligan. I came up with the idea of BaitBling in 2000. 

I knew it would catch more and bigger fish. Once I started fishing with it, I knew I was onto something big.

In early field tests, I learned that I could out-fish regular fishing techniques 5 to 1, when using BaitBling.

Monster Muskie Fish

About me

I'm a regular guy, who worked over 60 hours a week as semi-truck driver. When I wasn't working, I was fishing.

My time on the water was valuable, and I wanted to use the most effective fishing techniques I could. Hence the creation of BaitBling.

I love fishing with my son and helping others catch more fish.

See pictures for proof

I've won walleye, bass, and pike tournaments, using BaitBling on a Jon boat. I've over 380 muskies.

Fishing is better when you're catching fish.

See the gallery for proof that BaitBling really works.

Brilliance of BaitBling

BaitBling is effective on all game fish, because fish are able to see and are attracted to BaitBling at great distances in the water.

Every time your live bait (leech, night crawler, minnow, frog, crawdad,) or tied on in front of artificial lures,

BaitBling puts out brilliant flashes of color from the monochromatic color spectrum.

Bait Bling operates much in the way as a diamond ring on a woman's hand. The slightest movement puts out brilliant flashes of color, just like a diamond ring.

BaitBling proves itself every time I go out. It's proven itself a thousand times over. I out catch most of my friends 5 to 1.

Duane Haligan

I caught eight walleyes and one big smallmouth bass using BaitBling.

The other two people in the boat didn't catch anything. The only difference was that I used the BaitBling the whole time and they wouldn't.

Duane Haligan

As a novice fisherman, BaitBling made a huge difference. I caught 10 big Walleyes (over 25") the first time using BaitBling.

Mark Tharp